Thursday, 17 October 2013


I have always wanted to do something more to encourage people to make and donate pillowcases to Pillowcases for Oncology kids.  You can read more about them here.

Earlier this year I released a pillowcase pattern after being inspired by a little BOO! friend called Grace.  It is a 'Design Your Own' pattern and has a number of different styles of pillowcase as well as applique templates and information on how to appliqué. 

I decided that rather than just offering the pattern for free, I would charge $2 for it with all profits going to different charities.  Everytime I hit $500 in profits, I will send to a different charity.  We are REALLY REALLY close to the first $500 that will be going to 'Hampers for Ward 3B Families'.  You can read more about them here.

You can purchase the pillowcase pattern here for the bargain price of $2!

You don't have to buy my pattern though, you can just grab any old pillowcase out of the cupboard and draw up a pattern from that! 

So what's the plan???

Let's have a Christmas Pillowcase Drive!

I want you to make one OR MORE Christmas inspired pillowcases.  It does not have to be made with Christmas fabrics, but should have a Christmasy feel.

Get your kids involved.  My son is only 4 and he loved helping me pick out some fabrics and do my pinning while I was making pillowcases and I explained to him about what they were for.  He was excited to have helped make a pillowcase for the sick kids in the 'hostible'!  We made 6 pillowcases together in 1.5hrs!

Consider boys and girls, young kids and teens when choosing fabrics. If you make one that is more suited to a young girl, then why not make one for a teen boy as well! 

All pillowcases should be sent to me so that I can collate them and then send them as one big package to Pillowcases for Oncology Kids. 

I would like all pillowcases posted NO LATER than 15 November and will put my delivery address in Pattern Club! 

Let's decorate some hospital rooms with some BOO! love this Christmas!