Sunday, 6 November 2011


I was totally excited about doing a fabulous Christmas Collection.  I was using a fabric that I had not seen anywhere else that I just LOVED, and yet, I couldn't finish it.
The reason why?


Yep, I am not kidding... I have had this top sitting on the back of my couch for 3 weeks unfinished because I simply don't want to sew on this piece of fabric! I have 3 tunics waiting on belt loops like this but I just can't bring myself to finish them. I have another 10 dresses sitting 80% finished on the back of my couch too, because I don't want to make the binding.

This week, I hit my fabric shelves to make something else because I just couldn't stand the thought of sewing on those belt loops!

I am even updating my blog so I don't have to sew them on!!!

This is actually the first time I have done any assembly line type sewing... i.e. cut out all the things you want to make... and sew them in a logical way to save time.

My conclusion is that it doesn't work for me!  I love to make one dress at a time until it is finished.  I think it has so much more love in it by doing it that way and that is the way I will do it again from now on... as soon as I finish these Christmas things that is... maybe not tonight... maybe not tomorrow... but hopefully before Christmas!

Rather than a big market night, you will see things released as I finish them, listed randomly.  I think that gives everyone the best chance of getting something!

Keep your eyes peeled for
'I'm Dreaming of a Blue Christmas'